The Idiot's Guide to Mainline Driving

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This compilation is NOT a replacement for the official Route Guide or training given, merely a colourful reference guide and companion to mainline driving on C2C trains in order to aid and help drivers in future assessments or training.

The items within are accurate to the point of publication but if there are any references inaccurate or need updated please contact me so I can alter them for future publication. All previous versions will possibly have outdated information.

Any items you wish to add to this compilation please contact me so I can consider creating any additional items.

You have my permission to distribute items in order to help other drivers as long as you do not abuse this compilation or the author who created it!

Please note that this version supersedes previous versions.

~ Acknowledgements ~

Many thanks to everyone for their input and the rest of East Ham Depot Operators & Drivers for questions answered, proof reading and for the kind/crap words given!

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